Saturday, January 16, 2010

The World's First Sex Robot

In what's sure to be viewed as a wrong-way direction in social change, "Roxxxy" the robot lifesized girlfriend was introduced at AEE 2010, the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. Roxxxy robot lifesized girlfriend is a anatomically correct facsimile of a woman dressed for sex, and with "servos" and other electronics to make it seem, well, real. It's maker calls it the first "sex robot."

Violet Blue, where are you?

Roxxxy robot lifesized girlfriend was created by former Bell Labs employee Douglas Hines, who's overweight, balding, bespectacled look fits the perfect image of a guy who would make such a thing.

Douglas Hines says that he developed Roxxxy robot lifesized girlfriend after losing a friend in the 9-11 terrorist attack. Just who that friend is, Douglas Hines does not say, leaving one to wonder if he just spent too much money at strip clubs.

Roxxxy robot lifesized girlfriend is designed to respond to touch: a grab of her wrist causes her to "say" something depending on the personality type that's installed. The whole thought bring the question of how Douglas Hines actually tested the product.

Roxxxy robot lifesized girlfriend is the first in what is going to be a line of products by "True Companion", including, for women, a male version called Rocky. But why make this, really, is anyone's guess.

What is disturbing is that in the video below the Roxxxy sex robot just sits there in an open position. It does nothing and would seem to be the perfect image of what Douglas Hines wants his women to do: nothing and just lay there. Be, well, submissive. In the video, this blogger was longing to see Roxxxy robot slap the crap out of Douglas Hines, but he didn't program it to do that. But perhaps you can because Hines says you can "create your dream personality" to have.

But if it's 2010 and we have Roxxxy sex robot lifesized girlfriend, what will 2020 bring? What this shows is technology replacing the need for human contact in everything from phones where people send texts, to invisible online commenters on forums, to this. Perhaps one good thing is that men who elect to go in this direction tske themselves out of the pool of us who love the real thing.

Stay tuned.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Porn Isn't Just for Men Anymore

If you think porn is just for men, think again. Plenty of women enjoy it just as much as the guys, and their reasons for reveling in the eye-candy are as varied as the statistics on just how many of them are becoming porn connoisseurs.

A woman might download or rent erotica to enhance self-pleasuring, sex up foreplay, or to amp her sexual excitement. The question I get from a number of guys who are planning a surprise porn purchase is: What kind of porn do women want?

With the proliferation of porn, it feels like everybody is going out of his -- or her -- way to watch something sexually suggestive. And recent headlines have made it sound like porn is all the rage for women these days.

But it cannot be said with confidence how many women are into it.

First, when you look at the poorly conducted data on porn consumption, you’ll notice that findings are all over the board. During the first third of 2007, the Nielsen/Net Ratings reported that about one in three visitors to adult entertainment Web sites were female, with almost 13 million American women checking out porn online at least monthly.

This sounds like a lot, until you compare it to other findings. A Marie Claire/Esquire sex survey reported that only 17 percent of women go online for porn. The Australian government, too, reported that 17 percent of Australian women are porn consumers. (This is up 10 percent from more than one decade earlier).

Then there’s the matter of a testament on porn’s popularity often coming down to who stands to profit — or promote a personal agenda — in hyping up headlines. Hustler claims 56 percent of business at its video stores comes from women. At a recent sexuality conference, I questioned one female-oriented porn site presenter’s claim that the vast majority of women these days are into porn.

Where is the good study to support that? While the presenter’s site claimed 10,000 porn downloads per month, she had no way of knowing who was making the purchase, male or female. Regardless of the presenter’s irresponsibility in claiming to know more than she did, that sales number isn’t a lot when you consider that this is a multibillion-dollar industry.

Finally, there’s the issue of how porn is being defined in survey efforts. People tend to have distinct definitions for what constitutes porn versus erotica, which can influence data. I’ve also seen porn consumption defined beyond downloads or rentals, including activities like purchasing sex toys and phone sex.

Thus, exact numbers on who dabbles in explicit visual imagery become blurred.

So for those who are into it, or have the potential to be, what do these women want?

What Women Like

As with any other sexual activity, the answer boils down to personal preferences that are best learned by simply asking a lover "What do you like?" or "What are you curious about exploring?" These questions help to diffuse any pressure some women might feel in needing to fit in with supposed sex trends.

For those planning on guiding porn pleasure pursuits, there are general gender differences when it comes to people’s X-rated movie preferences. For women, it’s the context (sex in everyday places like motel rooms), sophisticated plotlines, clever use of words, and steamy relationship that get her sexually aroused.

She wants sex that’s less graphic and that features more realistic actors, in looks, physical arousal, and the way they engage one another. It simply makes her feel better about herself, her sexuality and her sexual response.

Research at the University of Amsterdam revealed that even though women’s bodies respond similarly to porn as men's, such as increased blood flow to the genitals, she feels differently while viewing his sensory delights. Women have reported feeling disgusted, annoyed, repulsed, and generally not turned on by porn made for him.

Women watching porn have reported feelings of amusement, excitement and arousal. In general, women want more than just their physical senses stimulated. They want sexual imagery that has them feeling good about themselves and sex.

Films that turn them on tend to portray genuine female pleasure, and, not surprisingly, they are generally directed or produced by women. This area of the porn industry is constantly at work in meeting her needs with gentler, "softer" sex.

Whether shopping for yourself or selecting a title for your lover, you’ve got an entire genre — female-friendly erotica — to explore, full of classy cinematography, intricate plots and thoughtful characters.

At its helm is producer Candida Royalle, a former erotic film star herself, who has strived to quell any concerns over feeling dirty by presenting a woman’s erotic voice. She sells about 10,000 movies monthly. Her sensuously explicit films are known for using more ‘natural’ looking women, fewer genital close-ups and even real-life couples at times.

Other females producing "for women by women" porn (of a wide variety) include Veronica Hart, Nina Hartley, Tristan Taormino and Jamye Waxman. According to Royalle’s "How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do," male directors holding some appeal for female audiences include Andrew Blake, Gerard Damiano, Cameron Grant, Henri Pachard and Anthony Spinelli.

At the end of the day, the success of your quest may not be your movie of choice, but getting her to explore different forms of pleasuring in general. Letting her know what you like and how that can positively affect your sex life is sure to perk up her ears.

This includes adding variety and novelty, boosting sexual excitement, and framing your efforts as ways to entice each other using sexually suggestive materials. And don’t forget to point out that porn aimed at couples is one of fastest growing markets in the industry.

P.S. increase your sexual stamina by eating Vitamin C and Vitamin D rich foods and fruits.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why We're Obsessed With Vampire Sex

You can’t escape them.

Fangs are everywhere these days, hoping you’ll also want a taste of the bloodthirsty fervor that has gripped the nation.

Between the best-selling books-turned-movies "Twilight Saga," HBO’s wildly popular "True Blood," and the CW’s "The Vampire Diaries," vampires have become a serious pop culture obsession.

"New Moon," the second installment of the "Twilight Saga," hits theaters this weekend, and it literally has teens and adults all over the world lusting after the movie’s lead vampire, Edward Cullen (played by British heartthrob Robert Pattinson).

So why have these folkloric creatures made such an amazing comeback? In two words: vampire sex.

They’re hot.

When "Dracula" was produced on stage in 1924, Bela Lugosi made vampires irresistibly handsome for modernity. But beyond hot bodies and good looks, it’s the male vampire’s depiction as the James Dean of Goth that holds the greatest appeal.

In desperate need of rehabilitation, these rebels are far from pure in thought and deed. Women can’t help but be drawn to these mesmerizing, misunderstood, moody bad boys.

Vampires are made all the more seductive because these soulless seducers with superpowers act as her protector, and they have the propensity to do good. Their story is usually as follows: she’s trying to "save" him, yet he gives her an excuse to be bad.

She has someone to blame for being so naughty, especially when it comes to her sexual desire.

They’re kinky.

Vampires became noticeably sexual with the start of the modern vampire era about 200 years ago. Yet vampire depictions throughout the centuries have involved subtle storylines of sexual deviants flirting with fetishes, for a killer mix of sex, romance, and violence. Since the 1950s, stories have become more overtly "sexplicit," with more recent movies and TV shows depicting or alluding to frenzied, frantic sex with aggressive appeal, which brings us to the next point about vampire appeal.

They’re into S&M.

Vampires like it rough. They like to bite. And their victims love the bites, scratches and handcuffs as depicted in shows like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Sometimes sadomasochists attract what are known as "fang bangers," (a term frequently used in "True Blood"), people who have a thing for manhandle-me vampire sex role playing. The bondage, domination and submission themes mixed with "true love" are perfect reason for stripping off your scarf or turtleneck.

They scare us.

There’s something about feeling spooked that gets humans going. People get in touch with their primal side, including the fear of death, at the thought of coming across a vampire. The dangerous lust of a vampire torn between staying in control with every lick of his prey revs up your body much like sexual response. And it’s delicious.

They tease us.

A number of scenes in vampire literature and on the screen only imply sex, with kink or lesbianism mostly alluded to. Audiences are left to assume that there was some sex, and while they’d love to see more, the pay off of is that their imaginations go wild.

This is especially true with scripts like "Twilight," whose stars heat up the screen with sexual tension, only to remain abstinent. Viewers thrive off of every episode filling them with sexual desires that only go unfulfilled. Still, there’s hope that maybe later on in the story they’ll take it all the way.

Ultimately, vampire sex is more about seduction and the thrill of the passion potential portrayed.

They always do the walk of shame.

And it has to happen before dawn. There’s no "morning after" to deal with, which holds huge appeal for some.

They make us beg.

When it comes to longing and lust, we love being preyed upon. Vampires go for one of our most sensitive erogenous zones, the neck, becoming even more magnetic as their victims most beg for life, for death, for sex.

They never die.

They’re not totally dead. They’re not totally alive. And they’re not totally human for that matter. These above the law creatures impressively defy all reality. We’re intrigued that these super-beings are more powerful than we’ll ever be.

P.S. increase your sexual stamina by eating Vitamin C and Vitamin D rich foods and fruits.


Thursday, December 31, 2009

9 Reasons Strip Clubs Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

It’s the threesome of foreplay — only there’s no touching involved. Every now and then, a couple will steal away to a night club for a few hours of arousal. In a few situations, it’s a festive Chippendales venue; but in most cases, it’s a dimly-lit, somber, reserved experience with all eyes on the women.

Whether it’s a seedy hole in the wall or a high-class venue, scantily-clad women suggesting triple-X action is the theme of the show. Relegated as a male “pastime,” this world of table and lap dances is seen as his escape.

So when his partner is willing to get in on the act, eyebrows are raised.

Why in the world would any "respectable" woman want to go to a strip club? Such old-fashioned speculation comes swiftly, but is easily met with the fact that times have changed.

Plenty of women are all for a good striptease. In recent years, we’ve seen mothers and wives from coast to coast take to pole dancing, whether for exercise or to spice up their sex lives.

For those not into this type of naughty, the appeal is hard to fathom. What exactly is the draw of this pleasure pursuit as a pair?

Couples are going to strip clubs because:

1. There’s no work involved.

Foreplay becomes a breeze even before you take your seat. Lovers often find themselves sexually excited at the mere prospect of going to a strip club. Yet this arousal goes far beyond pre-game show titillations, with lovers already anticipating what will happen once they get back home.

2. It’s a bonding experience.

Sure, strip clubs don’t exactly bring on the warm fuzzies, but they raise the temperature in other ways. Lovers enjoy “sharing” the stripper, but staying focused on their union by touching and flirting with each other. This sex worker becomes a mutual object of desire that can have partners feeling closer, sexually speaking.

3. They like the power dynamic.

It’s not PC to admit it, but some couples like that they’re the paying customer. Consciously or not, they’re into the sense that when they give the dancer money, they get to “own” her to some degree. The room full of naked gals is all about their pleasuring and nothing else.

4. The experience can make them feel sexier.

By identifying with the stripper’s sexuality or desiring it, lovers can feel more wanton in the process. In other cases, where a stripper looks particularly haggard, a woman may come away from the experience feeling confirmed (and relieved) that she’s more attractive than the gal on stage. After all, the slight jealousy that can be fueled by the experience acts as inspiration to outdo the stripper at some point.

5. It’s fun.

Going to strip clubs allows for novel experiences and variety, sometimes inspiring moves for bedroom action.

6. It’s so bad that it’s good.

Despite its popularity, the experience of going to a strip club is still very taboo in nature. Couples thrive off of doing the unconventional and feeling more than a bit naughty. This includes the turn-on of seeing a partner flirt with a stripper or vice versa.

7. It invites sex and only sex.

Going to a strip club can be the excuse couples need for not being emotionally intimate from time to time. It keeps the action at home more sex-focused and can act as a safety valve for those who cannot or don’t want to connect with their partner.

8. It’s safe.

Health-wise, going to a strip club invites some of the tag team experience without presenting the sexual health risks involved. Couples don’t have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases, yet they can still relish the third-party effects.

9. It puts a woman's mind at ease.

Even if they don't like watching their men get turned on, some women would rather know what their partners are doing than be left wondering. Accompanying him to a strip club makes her feel like she’s more on top of his sexual liaisons.

Going to a strip club isn’t for every couple. If it goes against your values or invites sexual jealousy, then definitely stay away. But if your relationship can handle such experimentation, be sure to discuss ahead of time what is and isn’t allowed.

Is it okay to get a lap dance? What’s considered cheating? How will you handle amateur night?

Remember, flexibility is key, as the rules may need to change once you’re inside. Seeing strip club fantasies become reality can be difficult for some. It may tap insecurities for some, while the sight of often sad, blank-faced strippers evokes pity from others.

If your partner looks uncomfortable or wants to go, don’t make a big issue over it. Just be sure to tell — and later show — your lover that, at the end of the night, they’re always the star of the show.

P.S. Boost your sexual stamina by eating Vitamin C and Vitamin D rich foods and fruits.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Enduring a Sex Marathon

You may not get very many opportunities to get it on for extended periods of time with a lover, but when you do get the chance you don’t want to lose out by not knowing how to keep up your side of the bargain.

There are several ways to keep yourself in good form should the occasion arise. Enduring a sex marathon can take a few hours or longer if the situation demands it. It could go all night.

However, even the most virile and energetic must rest and rejuvenate. It’s a good idea to be well-fed (but not too well) with food that releases energy slowly (such as grains and low GI carbohydrates) and be well hydrated — sweating and exercise uses your body’s stores of water quickly.

Here are some tips on enduring a sex marathon:

Don’t Orgasm

You can do this by choosing positions that provide less stimulation — because everyone is different, only you will know what these are for you. In saying this, most positions that enter from behind provide lots of stimulation. Change positions if you feel like you’re losing the power of your drive and erection or getting too close to orgasm. Keeping yourself near orgasm can be risky (you might release by mistake), but it ensures you will stay hard, and the passion won’t abate too much during your sex marathon. Bear in mind that having an orgasm isn’t the end of the session and you can take a rest before you continue. This is a good time to experiment with positions that you may not have tried with your partner.

Pleasure Her to Keep the Focus Off of You

If you do happen to need a rest while enduring a sex marathon or you do orgasm, you can easily shift the focus off of you and onto her. This can include cuddling, fondling, massage, general touching, and kissing. A rest doesn’t have to be totally sexual in nature, and it’s just as nice to make love for hours as it is to just touch each other in nice ways — or invent new ways of lovin’. There are many ways to be intimate. Just don’t fall asleep!

Don’t Drink Too Much

Alcohol is known to be a relaxant and can be a wonderful addition to the time you share with your lover. In saying that, after two or more drinks, alcohol lowers a man’s ability to achieve and maintain erections, and can trigger an inability to orgasm for a long time (which may sound good, but it can weaken your erection so much that it’s no fun). Alcohol also has sedative effects — it could cause you to fall asleep easily. Drinking can also encourage unsafe behavior (such as not using condoms). Enduring a sex marathon will not be helped by drinking too much alcohol.

Get Creative

Sex is a broad term and is used for just about anything that tickles your fancy — it doesn’t just include intercourse or oral sex. While enduring a sex marathon, you can introduce sex toys like vibrators, beads or sex paraphernalia such as whips, ropes and blindfolds. Food is also a great diversion and pleasure; ice cream, chocolate sauce or whipped cream are great. Choose flavors you both like. Get creative — you can draw out the process for quite some time with some very lusty teasing using these objects. Don’t stick to the same old; use your imagination.

Keep Lube Handy

Sex play for hours is taxing on the body’s resources. This is understandable, but you do need to be aware of the potential pitfalls of sex play for long periods. One of the main problems could be dryness, so keep some good quality lubricant handy, one that tastes nice and is non-greasy. If you’re unsure of what kind to buy, do your homework and purchase a couple of different types (silicone-based, water-based) as well as different brands to find one that you both like. And don’t scrimp on lube! Enduring a sex marathon requires a lot of moisture. If you are using condoms, lube is going to be essential to help prevent breakage and to stop the friction heat and dryness that can occur.A glass of water nearby is also going to be useful, not only to rehydrate but to moisten your mouth.

Go, Go Gadget

Remember — enduring a sex marathon takes a little time and lots of patience. However, in the end, you and your lover will be satisfyingly happy (and probably a bit worn out too) and more knowledgeable for future sessions.

P.S. Boost your sexual health by eating Vitamin C and Vitamin D rich foods and fruits.


17 Sex Resolutions for 2010

Here's a New Year's resolution you'll definitely want to keep: Make 2010 all about shaping your sex life.

Who can resist a regimen involving more sex and romance? Between self-improvement, enhanced pleasuring, and the fun to be had planning your course of action, you (and your lover) are sure to have fun throughout the process.

So let 2010 be the year for your personal sexual revolution via these red-hot resolutions:

1. Let the spirit move you — sexually speaking.

Even when you don’t feel the urge, invite it. Be more spontaneous. This could mean touching your partner more, suggesting a new sex position on the fly, or pulling your lover away to a secluded location for one hot-'n'-heavy make out session.

2. Set up your own sex program.

Buy a handful of quality sex books. Pick and choose the activities you fancy, then map out your sex workout schedule. Don’t be afraid to make sure your significant other sticks to it.

3. Engage in all sorts of erotic talk.

Go outside of the box with the way you deliver sensual, romantic, or dirty talk. Then be sure to never run out of juice (btw, my book “Sultry Sex Talk” is due out later this year — it’s packed full of ideas).

4. Do something you would never do in the sack.

Now note: you don’t have to like it. But just try it — be a “sexplorer.” Whether it’s watching erotica that may seem unappealing or going on a sexual adventure beyond your four walls or buying that taboo sex toy, carpe diem. Then enjoy the reward of “been there, done that.”

5. Have sex in every room.

While most New Year’s resolutions are aimed at getting off the couch, get on one to get things started. Make it your mission to go beyond the bed, blessing other areas of your home. Half the fun is trying to get away with it. You may have to steal away from work or get up extra early to make this a mission accomplished.

6. Ask for what you want.

Your partner isn’t going to give you oral, turn on the video camera, or give you a tender, loving erotic massage unless you put it out there. Have 2010 be the year you reveal what turns you on and how you hope to become sexually satisfied.

7. Have more sex.

The key to coming out on top with this one (and in more ways than one) is to expand your definition of sex beyond intercourse. Note: This can include spending more quality time with yourself; having more sex and experiencing more touch are sure to put an extra spring in your step.

8. Cultivate your sexual connection.

Lovers complain about each other — a lot — and that doesn’t bode well for the bedroom. As the slogan says, “Quit your bitchin’ and start a revolution.” This starts with remembering why you like each other and reflecting on what’s needed to start feeling hot for each other again.

9. Become “sex positive.”
By that, I don’t mean doing and embracing everything under the sun, as this term has been hijacked to represent. Rather think about sex as a wonderful, full-of-pleasure part of being human that is to be celebrated and enjoyed. If you have trouble getting a handle on this, work with a sex counselor or therapist. You owe it to yourself.

10. Learn a new trick.

Add to your repertoire, acquiring at least one new technique, realizing that some may take longer than others — and quite literally, like lasting longer in bed. Actually execute on some of those sex tips the media bombards us with daily. You’ve got nothing to lose.

11. Go on more dates.
Whether you want more action or hope to find the one, you have to put yourself out there. Truth be told, most of their suggestions in those dating books are a crock. Finding somebody to fool around with or spend your life with is, like it or not, is very much a numbers game. You better your chances with the more people you hit on, go out with, and generally try to meet.

12. Become “that” couple.

Be the couple that’s always all over each other, exuding sexual energy that’s contagious. Go for the weekly sexual adventure, no apologies. Be the Joneses who everybody thinks is having way more sex than they are. Be erotically envied instead of wishing you were part of the action.

13. Take a sex workshop.

Find a qualified sex educator who’s all about better sex. This could involve everything from learning how to perform a new move or an old move better, how to experience multiple orgasms, how to have Tantric sex, or how to postpone gratification. The possibilities for more passion are endless.

14. Move on.
If you’re mourning a past sexual relationship, get over it. You can’t embrace what may come — including yourself — if you’re stuck in the past. Become forward thinking and be open to what 2010 has in store for you — which could be something better and more amazing than you’ve ever known.

15. Get in tune with your sexual self.

The sex department is a part of you, no matter how much you try to compartmentalize it. Welcome your sexuality — and its inherent sensuality — into the rest of your life. In the end, you will exude much more appeal.

16. Fight for your sexual rights – or another’s.

If you don’t stand up, who will? Battle for what is rightfully yours or be willing to accept the consequences.

17. Enjoy your efforts!

Don’t get consumed with reaching your sex goals, but enjoy the journey — all 365 days of it.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sex education should start with parents, not schools

This morning I read on the parents of Jessica Logan are suing their daughter’s ex-boyfriend, who had distributed a nude photo of her to his classmates. Logan committed suicide and the ridicule she received due to the photo is believed the motive for her suicide.

The photo was only ever in existence because Logan had practiced the popular art of “sexting,” sending out nude or otherwise risqué photos to a boyfriend or girlfriend via your cell phone.

This comes on the heels of a story I saw on last night, which cited a study in Pediatrics that claimed 40 percent of children have sex before having “the talk” with their parents.

The study involved children ages 13 through 17, as well as their parents. In it, 42 percent of girls reported they had not discussed the effectiveness of birth control, and 40 percent had never received any sort of talk or advice about refusing sexual intercourse.

But this was practically saintly compared to what the boys reported. Seventy percent of them claimed they had not received any sort of education on condom use. In defense of at least a few of the boys’ parents, 50 percent of them claimed to have discussed condom use with their sons. However, they should probably remember something about teenage boys: Many of them aren’t going to listen to you the first time you tell them something.

There’s been a lot of talk these days about sex education in schools, or the lack thereof, and such talks are warranted. The school system could probably be doing a better job in a lot of ways. However, I think the biggest factor in the fight against teen pregnancy and STDs should be the parents, and obviously a lot of them are failing.

Although I don’t yet have children myself, I’m sure “the talk” isn’t the easiest thing to give to them. I understand the awkwardness, both from the parents and the children. It’s not an easy subject. However, parents shouldn’t expect parenthood to be easy all the time, and a few awkward talks could save them from a lot more awkward (and potentially rage-filled) talks in the future.

It’s nice, I’m sure, to assume that children aren’t having sex. In my ideal, perfect world in which I’m a millionaire and “Transformers 2” didn’t suck, people wouldn’t have sex until they’re mature and preferably married.

However, the same Pediatrics study says that one-third of ninth graders have had sex, and half of tenth graders have as well.

Kind of scary, if you ask me.

I understand the (usually conservative-minded) desire to focus on abstinence-only sex education. I understand the worry if you teach children and teens how to have safe sex, it will only encourage them to have sex when they really shouldn’t.

However, even coming from a very conservative family (in which I was home-schooled after elementary school) I was given substantial talks on safe sex. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that no man, woman or child is going to be perfect. So while we should continue to hope the youth of this world will be morally smart and responsible, we should still prepare them in case they make mistakes.

A teenager who avoids sex until marriage is great, but a safe-sex, STD-free teenager is still much better than a pregnant teenager with crabs.

This sexting trend is one in particular that should be discussed between parents and their children. As Jessica Logan proved, it isn’t wise to create a sexually explicit image or video of yourself and share it with anybody unless you are willing to share that material with everybody — in other words, if you’re a model or porn star.

Maybe there’s something exciting and romantic about such actions between married couples, but it is a rather stupid idea in high school, and probably in college as well.

I know that — especially in high school — it’s easy to feel like you’re completely in love, you want to stick with your boyfriend or girlfriend and believe you can trust them completely. But too many cases have proven otherwise.

If you’re going to do something like sexting, it would be better to wait until you’re absolutely sure the content isn’t going to leak or be shared — and that’s difficult to be sure of before marriage, at least.

Parents need to start educating their children better on all of these issues, rather than complaining the school systems aren’t doing their job for them.